Speaking and Listening in Primary Schools

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In recent years there has been growing focus on speaking and listening and this text unpicks what is meant by this term and ensures trainees are fully prepared to deliver it. It addresses the development, learning and teaching of speaking and listening and covers key subject knowledge. Speaking and listening as the basis for reading and writing is examined, as is knowledge about talk and teacher talk. The text includes suggestions for teaching activities and ways to assess speaking and listening. Case studies and interactive activities throughout help the reader link theory to practice.


Introduction - the articulate individual
Children's development in speaking and listening
Speaking and listening as the basis of reading and writing
Knowledge about talk
Speaking and listening for all
Teacher talk
Teaching group speaking and listening
Teaching speaking and listening activities
Teaching activities using speaking and listening
Assessing speaking and listening


Jane Medwell taught in primary schools in Cardiff and South Devon, before moving into teacher education. She has lectured at the Universities of Cardiff, Plymouth and the College of St Mark and St John, and is currently Director of Teacher Education and Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. Her research and writing has covered areas such as the teaching of writing and the use of electronic books to teach reading. More recently she has begun a major research programme exploring the teaching of handwriting, and has begun a unique programme of teacher education in primary Modern Foreign Languages. She is fluent in French and Russian, and is learning Chinese.
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