Solar Water Heating Systems

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Dezember 1985



H.P. Garg Centre of Energy Studies Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016 India Heating of water using solar energy is not new and by using a little science and technology in it, the solar energy can be utilized more effectively and economically for heating the water both for domestic and industrial applications. Solar Water Heaters are popular for the last three decades in countries like USA, Australia, Israel, Japan, India. This is the only solar energy application which is commercially, technic­ ally and economically viable and has been studied for more than 30 years in many countries. Technical advances in solar water heating have been very rapid in the last 30 years. These are becoming popular not only for domestic use but for large establishments like hostels, hotels, hospitals, industries such as Textile, Paper and Food Processing and even in heating of swimming pools in winter. In few instances the cost of solar water heating systems may be higher than those operated by electricity, gas or other fuel but over a period of time this is more than recovered by the savings in the cost of operations and maintenance.


Inaugural Address.- Solar Hot Water Technology and Approach to Popularise the same.- Solar Radiation.- Components of Solar Water Heaters.- Materials for Low Temperature Solar Thermal Applications.- Design Optimization of Collector Plates.- Absorber Plate Configuration and Optimization.- Hot Water Storage Systems.- The Use of Fibreglass in Solar Water Heating Systems.- Insulation Materials for Solar Heating Systems and their Application.- Thermal Insulation in Solar Thermal Devices.- Paints and Painting Procedures for Solar Energy Collectors.- Low Cost, High Performance Solar Selective Paints.- Selective Coatings for Photothermal Conversion.- Instrumentation and Controls for Solar Water Heating System.- Galvanised Steel Solar Absorber - Its Choice, Corrosion Rate and Expected Life.- Welding Technology and Procedures.- Glazing Materials for Solar Collectors.- Heat Exchanger Optimization for Hot Water Heating System.- Pumps for Use with Hot Water.- Flow and Heat Transfer of Water in Pipes.- Domestic Thermosyphon Water Heating Systems.- How to Get the Most Solar Heated Water for the Least Cost in India.- Novel Design Concepts in Solar Water Heating.- Solar Water Heating System in a Textile Industry - A Case Study.- Industrial Experiences with Solar Water Heaters.- Solar Water Heating-Design Methods.- Testing of Solar Collectors.- Technoeconomics of Solar Forced Flow Hybrid Hot Water Systems.- Author Index.


`... compulsory reading for those doing research in solar energy storage.'
International Journal of Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 30, 1987.
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