Transfer Trouble

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Juli 2011



With the transfer deadline looming Terry Triceratops wants to buy a new player, but to do that he needs to sell one of the Dino FC team. Negotiations are under way to transfer injury prone Jose Heterodontosaurus. But then word comes through that the deal's off and Terry's been sold instead. Both Terry and Jose are devastated.


Author biography Keith Brumpton is the writer of numerous fiction and non-fiction books, animations and scripts for children and young people, including CBBC's top-rated TV show MI High. Born in Newcastle, Keith began drawing as a boy and has now written and illustrated over thirty titles. He has also worked for Lego Media and Milimages, and written three BAFTA-award-winning animations, including Pablo the Little Red Fox and CBBC's acclaimed 64 Zoo Lane series. Author location: Glasgow
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Untertitel: 'Dino F. C. '. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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