Power Systems Harmonics

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August 2001



The electric utility's increasing use of power factor correction capacitor banks and the industry's widespread application of power-electronic converters have set the basis for, recently, paying considerable attention to the issue of power system harmonics. Aiming at a better understanding of power system harmonics, this text presents a discussion of this issue, providing a quantitative analysis when possible. Pertinent equations are de- veloped. 80 practical case studies based on real-life work experience come with the text. These are analysed providing the results and commenting on the output. Furthermore, 80 end-of-chapter problems are provided. A detailed solution manual is available. The book can be used as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students, in short-courses offered by consultants and institutes, as well as a tutorial, reference, or self-study course for practising engineers in the industry and electric utility.


Contents: Introduction - Fundamentals of Harmonics - Causes of Harmonics in Power Systems - Effects of Harmonic Distortion on Power Systems - Mitigation of Power System Harmonics - Limits of Harmonic Distortion - Modelling of System Components for Harmonic Studies -Transformer Modelling - Modelling of Transmission Lines / Cables - A Simple Approach to Power System Harmonic Studies - Bibliography -
Appendix A: A Review of Transformation and Symmetrical Components -
Appendix B: Phase and Sequence Admittance Matrices for Three-Phase Transformers -
Appendix C: Transmission Matrices for Three-Phase Transformers - Index.


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