Europe and the Financial Crisis

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April 2011



The global financial and economic crisis has brought about many effects that are still difficult to interpret univocally. This book studies the consequences of the crisis on Europe by examining the effects on the European institutional setup, governance and architecture and by studying in detail the different member countries.


Introduction Part I: Europe and the financial crisis: general issues: The Regulation Of The European Financial Market After The Crisis The monetary policy response to the financial crisis in the Euro area and in the United States: a comparison Real divergence across Europe and the limits of the EMU macroeconomic governance The euro in the international monetary system after the global financial and economic crisis and after the European public debt crisis. Europe in crisis: more political integration in the eurozone is the solution. Economic Crisis and Industrial Policy in the Union: the need for a long-term vision of industrial development Part II: the impact of the financial crisis on single european countries: The UK and the Euro in the aftermath of the global financial crisis The Greek debt crisis: Causes, policy responses and consequences from miracle to crash. he impact of the global financial crisis on Spain France: Steering out of crisis? The Effects of the Financial Crisis on the Italian and USA Labour Markets Reaching Out in a Time of Crisis How External Anchors Assist South Eastern Europe Russia in crisis: Implications for Europe Conclusion


Dr. Leila Simona Talani is Professor of International and European Political Economy at King's College London as well as Jean Monnet Chair of European Political Economy. She was previously a lecturer in European Politics at the University of Bath and a research fellow and then lecturer at the European Research Institute of the London School of Economics. In 2001 she spent a year as Associate Expert on migration issues at the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention in Cairo. She is the author of: The Arab Spring in the Global Political Economy (Palgrave), The Future of the City of London (Palgrave), The Global Crash (Palgrave), The Future of EMU (Palgrave), Insiders and Outsiders, From Egypt to Europe, European Political Economy, Interests or expectations, Between Growth and Stability, The EU and the Balkans, After Maastricht. Pompeo Della Posta (MA, PhD) Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Pisa, Italy. He is also external professor at the Stanford Bing Overseas Studies Program in Florence, where he teaches 'European economic and monetary integration' and has been Adjunct Professor of International Economics at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center.
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