Breaking Away from the Textbook

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Teaching history should not simply be an endless recitation of irrelevant facts, entombed between the covers of a textbook. Instead, Breaking Away from the Textbook offers a fascinating journey through world history. Not a comprehensive, theory-heavy guide, this book instead focuses on exciting classroom activities, methods for students to grapple with human issues, and innovative ways to show students the relevance of the past to the world today.


Chapter 1 Introduction: History n What, Why, and How?
Chapter 2 Unit 5 The Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment
Chapter 3 Unit 6 The Nineteenth Century
Chapter 4 Unit 7 The Twentieth Century
Chapter 5
Appendix A Full Thematic Table of Contents
Chapter 6
Appendix B Traditional World History
Chapter 7
Appendix C Basic Map Resources
Chapter 8
Appendix D Recommended Classroom Music
Chapter 9
Appendix E Recommended CD-ROMs & Web Sites
Chapter 10
Appendix F Annotated Bibliography


Ron H. Pahl is a history buff with more than 100 articles and five books published. He has traveled almost everywhere in the world including crossing the Arctic and Antarctic Circles the same year. Currently he is coordinator of social studies education at The California State University Fullerton.
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