The Modern Theologians Reader

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The Modern Theologians Reader is an outstanding selection of the key writings in modern theology, with each extract introduced and annotated to support student learning. * A unique stand-alone text which can also be used alongside the highly successful textbook, The Modern Theologians * Features introductory notes and annotations with each extract to help students understand the relevance and importance of the reading * Includes selections from major 20th-century theologians and theological movements, and texts on Christian theology's relation to science, globalization, and other faiths such as Buddhism and Judaism


Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
Part I: Classics of the Twentieth Century 5
Chapter 1: Karl Barth 7
Chapter 2: Dietrich Bonhoeffer 19
Chapter 3: Paul Tillich 30
Chapter 4: Henri de Lubac 41
Chapter 5: Karl Rahner 54
Chapter 6: Hans Urs von Balthasar 64
Part II: Theological Responses to Modernity in Europe and the USA 73
Section A: Germany 75
Chapter 7: Wolfhart Pannenberg 75
Chapter 8: Jürgen Moltmann 86
Section B: Britain 96
Chapter 9: T.F. Torrance 96
Chapter 10: Anglican Theology 104
Section C: USA 115
Chapter 11: The Niebuhrs 115
Section D: The Contemporary Scene: Reappropriating Traditions 124
Chapter 12: Revisionists and Liberals 124
Chapter 13: Postliberal Theology 135
Chapter 14: Systematic Theology after Barth 144
Chapter 15: Roman Catholic Theology after Vatican II 157
Section E: Texts, Truth, and Signification 167
Chapter 16: Biblical Interpretation 167
Chapter 17: Philosophical Theology 181
Chapter 18: Postmodern Theology 192
Part III: Theology and the Sciences 205
Chapter 19: Theology and the Natural Sciences 207
Chapter 20: Theology and the Social Sciences 225
Part IV: Theology, Prayer, and Practice 237
Chapter 21: Theology and Spirituality 239
Chapter 22: Pastoral and Practical Theology 248
Part V: Particularizing Theology 259
Chapter 23: Feminism, Gender, and Theology 261
Chapter 24: Black Theology of Liberation 273
Chapter 25: Latin American Liberation Theology 284
Chapter 26: African Theology 294
Chapter 27: Theologies of South Asia 303
Chapter 28: Contextual Theology in East Asia 315
Chapter 29: Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation 325
Part VI: Global Engagements 335
Chapter 30: Ecumenical Theology 337
Chapter 31: Eastern Orthodox Theology 348
Chapter 32: Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology 357
Chapter 33: Evangelical Theology 366
Part VII: Theology Between Faiths 377
Chapter 34: Theology of Religions 379
Chapter 35: Judaism and Christian Theology 390
Chapter 36: Islam and Christian Theology 398
Chapter 37: Buddhism and Christian Theology 408
Part VIII: Theology in Many Media 423
Chapter 38: Theology and the Visual Arts, Music, and Film 425
Index 442


David F. Ford is Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of numerous books, including The Future of Christian Theology (2010), Christian Wisdom: Desiring God and Learning in Love (2007), Shaping Theology: Engagements in a Religious and Secular World (2007), and Theology: A Very Short Introduction (2000). He also directs the Cambridge Interfaith Programme and is a member of the editorial board of Modern Theology, Scottish Journal of Theology, and other major journals. Mike Higton is Academic Co-Director of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme at the University of Cambridge, and Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of Exeter. His recent books include Christian Doctrine (2008), Difficult Gospel: The Theology of Rowan Williams (2004) and Christ, Providence and History: Hans W. Frei's Public Theology. Simeon Zahl is an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of Pneumatology and Theology of the Cross in the Preaching of Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt (T&T Clark/Continuum 2010), and is currently at work on a book on the affections in Lutheran theology.


"For a course on modern theology, this reader will soon become standard fare." ( Religious Studies Review , 7 March 2013) "This is a cornucopia of very well judged selections from significant and usually interesting theologians mostly Christian, from the early 20 th Century." ( Regent's Reviews , 1 April 2012)
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