Dare to Lead: The Transformation of Bank of Baroda: The Role of Intangibles

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Dare to Lead is the fascinating story of how Anil K. Khandelwal transformed Bank of Baroda (BOB) from being just another public sector bank into one of the most valuable brands in Indian banking.
This is the story of the leadership challenges, management solutions and personal and professional excitement the author experienced in transforming the 97-year-old bank into a modern, tech-savvy, customer-centric bank.
This book is an excellent blueprint for undertaking transformation in large, geographically dispersed public sector enterprises. It describes how a large-sized bank was transformed on all parameters with clear vision, execution discipline, customer centricity and people engagement.
The author emphasizes that large-scale transformation can be undertaken successfully only if the CEO shows courage to change the status quo and mobilize the human effort within the organization.
The story of BOB's transformation has captured international attention and finds its mention in Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Development International and the book The India Way by the Wharton School faculty.


Foreword Peter Cappelli
Public Sector Banks: An Overview
The Beginning of a Long Journey
Seed Time
A Jobless Job
An Affair with Operations
Walking on Fire
Travails of Co-Leadership
Dena Bank: My First Brush with Leadership
Return of the Native
First 100 Days
Rowing Together
Crafting the Future
Communication for Action
Engine of Growth: Building Human Capital
Engaging the Foot Soldiers
Dealing with Unions
Rebranding: From Plastic Surgery to DNA Change
Innovating for Customers
Connecting with Customers
Romancing with Retail
Technology on Roller Coaster
Back to Basics
Creating India's International Bank
Reshaping the Roots
Rebirth of a Branch
Working with the Board
Celebrating the Glory
Last 100 Days
My Leadership Code
Khandelwal's Leadership: An Academic Perspective - Pradip Khandawalla


Anil K. Khandelwal is a former Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda and Dena Bank. For transforming Bank of Baroda into a valuable brand, he received the prestigious The Asian Banker, Singapore Leadership Achievement award for lifetime achievement and contribution to excellence in the financial services industry, the only Indian banker to receive this so far. He has been rated among the 100 most powerful CEOs for three consecutive years (2005-2008). He is a recipient of Life Time Achievement award from NHRDN. He has been a UNDP Consultant to Banking Reforms Commission, Government of Tanzania, and a Visiting Professor to Asian Institute of Management, Manila. The government appointed him to head a committee to study HR in public sector banks. The report, popularly known as Khandelwal committee, has led HR reforms in public sector banks. His book Dare to Lead (SAGE, 2011) has been a best seller. He is currently a Corporate Advisor, Board Member, and Consultant on governance, leadership, and mentors CEOs. He has been an HR advisor to international consulting firms such as Accenture, Booz and Company, and Hewitt.


It's often said that the experience of reaching a destination is more interesting than the destination itself. The same holds true for this book… It's a must read for human resource managers… the book broadly deals with challenges that a leader faces while bringing about changes in a large corporation. There are a number of things to learn from them. I found the recounting of the journey to reach the top more interesting. On the whole, the book has innumerable pearls of wisdom for a reader.
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