Challenges for the Singapore Economy After the Global Financial Crisis

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Juli 2011



This book is a collection of invited and selected papers from the Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2009 around a central theme, Challenges Facing Singapore in the Post-Crisis Era and Policy Responses.
There are very few books on the Singapore economy. This one is largely non-technical in nature and brings the reader up to speed on the key issues facing policymakers in Singapore in the wake of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The contributors are all experts in their field and have extensive experience of the Singapore economy. The book also offers an international dimension to look at the role of China in the Asian economy and the impact on Asia of reforms to the international financial architecture.


The Post-Crisis Era: Challenges for the Singapore Economy; Economic Policy-Making in Singapore: Some Reflections; Reform of the International Financial Architecture, the G20 and Asia; The Current Productivity Drive in Singapore and Labor Market Policies; China as an Emerging Market for Singapore: Challenges and Opportunities; Equity in Singapore's Healthcare Financing; Monetary Policy in Singapore and the Global Financial Crisis; Fiscal Policy in Singapore and the 2010 Budget; Singapore's Exchange Rate Policy: An Evaluation; Citizen-Government Partnership for Social Equity: How It Strengthened with the Global Crisis.


This is a timely book with fresh insights and recommendations which reframe policy issues in key areas. The bold proposals are a valuable contribution to the debate on the future of Singapore in general and its economy in particular. -- Phang Sock Yong "Professor of Economics, Singapore Management University"
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