Biological Shape Analysis - Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium

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The Proceedings describe the current state of research dealing with biological shape analysis. The quantitative analysis of the shape of biological organisms represents a challenge that has now seen breakthroughs with new methodologies such as elliptical Fourier analysis, quantitative trait loci analysis (QTLs), chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs), thin plate splines, etc. The Proceedings also illustrate the diversity of disciplines that are actively involved in the characterization and analysis of biological shape. Moreover, many of the papers focus on the relationship of the shape to the processes that determine the biological form, an issue of major continuing concern in biology.


A New Behavioral Experiment using Computerized Shape Analysis of Actual Flowers (Y Yoshioka); Quantitative Evaluation of Blade Shape of Citrus Varieties (Z Zheng et al.); Quantitative Assessment of Soybean Plant Shape during Growth based on Sequential Image Analysis (R Ohsawa & S Minagawa); Shape Analysis and Its Potential in Varietal Identification (S. G. Bhagwat et al.); Three-dimensional Facial Shape Archetypes for Identification and Diagnosis (C D L Thomas et al.); Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Craniofacial Shape (R J Sherwood & K P McNulty); Computational Shape Analysis: Based on a Fourier-Wavelet Representation of the Fossil Human Cranial Vault (P E Lestrel et al.); The Use of Elliptical Fourier Analysis on Orbit Shape in Human Skeletal Remains (T Gore et al.); The Geometry of Universal Natural Shapes (J Gielis); and other papers.
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