Marcus Marulus and the Biblia Latina of 1489

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Marcus Marulus or Marko Maruliæ (1450-1524) is known as the Father of Croatian Literature and as the first Croatian Bible scholar. Much of his literary work is inspired by his study of the Sacred Scriptures. This book is an introduction to Marulus' central religious matrix, the Latin Bible, and his use of it. We are fortunate to have access to Marulus' desk copy of the Biblia Latina in four volumes, with introductions and commentaries that customarily accompanied the Bibles in the fifteenth century. This book is the first ever to investigate Marulus' biblical hermeneutics, and it lays the groundwork for further literary and theological studies on Marulus and his time. The book is accompanied by a DVD of the four volumes of the Biblia Latina of 1489 with Marulus' handwritten marginalia.


Foreword (Kenneth Hagen)

1. The Biblical Scholar in Cultural Context
1. 1. Biographical Sketch
1. 2. The Bible and the Croats around 1500
1. 3. Cultural Milieu ? Was there a Sodalitas Spalatensis?
1. 4. Biblical Preaching and Pastoral Care in Marulus' Time
1. 5. Marulus and Friar Buchius OP
1. 6. Good Pastoral Care in Split

2. The Latin Bible of the Lay Theologian
2. 1. Marulus' 'Church Books'
2. 2. Marulus' Latin Bible
2. 2. 1. Dominican and Franciscan Commentary on the Latin Bible
2. 2. 2. William Brito and Nicholas of Lyra
2. 2. 3. Description of the Biblia Latina cum comento
2. 2. 4. Woodcut Illustrations
2. 2. 5. Missing Chapters and Additional Observations
2. 2. 6. Exactly which Edition did Marulus Use?
2. 2. 7. The Table of Contents with the Original Pagination
2. 3. Marulus' Markings
2. 3. 1. Markings for the Biblical Text Boxes
2. 3. 2. Markings for the Commentaries

3. The First Volume of the Old Testament
3. 1. The Introductory Section
3. 2. Paying Attention to the Comments of Bishop Paul of Burgos and Friar Matthias Doring
3. 3. Approaching the First Letter of the First Word of the Bible
3. 4. Marginalia for Genesis: Creation and Original Righteousness; Israel's 'True Faith', Isaac-Christ-Typology, Christ the Shepherd and the Rock
3. 5. Marginalia for Exodus: 'I Am Who I Am' - Yahweh, Tetragrammaton, IESUS, Mohammed; Passover
3. 6. Marginalia for Leviticus: Jewish Customs and Feasts
3. 7. Marginalia for Numbers: Religio; Bronze Serpent; Just War
3. 8. Marginalia for Deuteronomy: Moses, Joshua, Christ, and other Issues
3. 9. Marginalia for Joshua: 'The Sun Stood Still'
3. 10. Marginalia for Judges: A Savior by the Name of Aioth, an Exorcist by the Name of Gideon, and the Consecration of Samson
3. 11. Marginalia for Ruth: The Six Blessings: Historical and Mystical
3. 12. Marginalia for the 'Helmeted Prologue' and the Books of Kings
3. 13. Marginalia for 1 Samuel: Messias, Christus, Vnctus
3. 14. Marginalia for 2 Samuel: Nathan's Prophecy
3. 15. The Illustrated Books of Kings and the Excised Illustration of King Ahaz's Sundial

4. The Second Volume of the Old Testament
4. 1. Marginalia for 1 Chronicles: The Spiritual Meaning of the Four Gates; Some Names to Remember; David's Prayer
4. 2. Marginalia for Ezra: Disregarding Sallust and Virgil, Marking the Words on God's Help and Protection
4. 3. Marginalia for Nehemiah: The Mystical Sense of the Gates
4. 4. Marginalia for Tobit: Prayer Answered
4. 5. Marginalia for Judith: A Canonical Book with a Lie; No Sex Appeal
4. 6. Marginalia for Esther: The Issue of Adoration
4. 7. Marginalia for Job: 'My Redeemer Lives'; the Nostrils of the Hippopotamus
4. 8. Marginalia for the Psalms: Christ, Trinity, Church and the Eucharist
4. 8. 1. The Seven Penitential Psalms
4. 8. 2. Eucharistic Psalms
4. 9. Marginalia for the Books of Solomon
4. 9. 1. Marginalia for Proverbs: The Mystery of the Eternal Generation of the Son; the 'Ideal Wife'
4. 9. 2. Marginalia for Ecclesiastes: Knowledge and Wisdom
4. 9. 3. Marginalia for the Song of Songs: The Church from Abel on; One Faith and One Church of the Old and of the New Testament
4. 9. 4. Marginalia for the Book of Wisdom: Solomon Discerns Christ's Passion
4. 10. Marginalia for Jesus Sirach, called Ecclesiasticus: Fulfi llment at the Time of Christ; 'Sons of Israel'

5. The Third Volume of the Old Testament
5. 1. Marginalia for the Book of the 'Evangelist' Isaiah: Christ and David
5. 2. Marginalia for Jeremiah: Christ the Shepherd; Eucharist, Church History
5. 3. Marginalia for Baruch: A Christogram in an Apocryphal Book
5. 4. The Illustrated Ezekiel: The Four Evangelists; Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Church
5. 4. 1. On Lyra's Second Postil for Ezekiel
5. 5. Marginalia for Daniel with the Story of Susanna
5. 6. Marginalia for the Twelve Prophets
5. 6. 1. Marginalia for Hosea: Christ; 'Flesh' or 'Recess'; Eucharist
5. 6. 2. Marginalia for Joel: Christ and the Out-Pouring of the Spirit
5. 6. 3. Marginalia for Amos: 'They Sell the Just Man for Silver'
5. 6. 4. Marginalia for Obadiah: The Messiah; Saint Saminianus
5. 6. 5. Marginalia for Jonah, but no Christ-Typology
5. 6. 6. Marginalia for Micah: Christ the Leader out of Limbo
5. 6. 7. Marginalia for Nahum: The Jealous and Avenging Lord
5. 6. 8. Marginalia for Habakkuk: 'I Exult in God, My Jesus'; Trophies of the Cross
5. 6. 9. Marginalia for Zephaniah: A Type of Christ
5. 6. 10. Marginalia for Haggai: The Coming of Christ
5. 6. 11. Marginalia for Zechariah: 'Verifi ed in Christ Who Is True God'; Good Shepherd; Crucifi xion; Eucharist
5. 6. 12. Marginalia for Malachi: Trinity; Eucharist; Last Judgment
5. 7. Marginalia for Maccabees: The Messiah and his Suff ering; God's Punishments

6. The New Testament Volume
6. 1. Marginalia for the Four Gospels with Jerome's Prologues
6. 2. Marginalia for the Gospel According to Matthew
6. 3. Marginalia for the Gospel According to Mark
6. 4. Marginalia for the Gospel According to Luke
6. 5. Marginalia for the Gospel According to John
6. 6. Marginalia for the Letters of Paul
6. 6. 1. Marginalia for Romans: 'Nobody Is Saved Unless Through Christ'
6. 6. 2. Marginalia for 1 Corinthians: 'And the Rock Was Christ'; Christogram and Hercules; Mohammed and the Koran
6. 6. 3. Marginalia for Galatians: Law and Faith; the Four-Fold Sense of Scripture
6. 6. 4. Marginalia for Philippians: Paul's Biography
6. 6. 5. Marginalia for Colossians: Christ the Image of the Father
6. 6. 6. Marginalia for 1 Thessalonians: Faith, Charity, Hope
6. 6. 7. Marginalia for 2 Timothy: Resistance to the Truth, Revelation; Paul's Raincoat
6. 6. 8. Marginalia for Letter to the Hebrews: Hardness of Heart; Tabernacle; Staff; Cross
6. 7. Marginalia for the Acts of the Apostles
6. 8. Marginalia for the Seven Canonical Letters
6. 8. 1. Marginalia for the Letter of James: Sacraments
6. 8. 2. Marginalia for 1 Peter: The Cornerstone
6. 8. 3. Marginalia for 2 Peter: Scoff ers as Heretics
6. 8. 4. Marginalia for the Letters of John: 'So There Are Three'
6. 8. 5. Marginalia for the Letter of Jude: 'Our only Master and Lord'
6. 9. Marginalia for the Book of Revelation: Church History and Mohammed

7. Lyra's On the True Messiah ? at the End of the Biblia Latina Summary, Desiderata,

Appendix I Overview of Marulus' Christograms
Appendix II Overview of Marulus' Drawings of a Cross
Appendix III Overview of Marulus' Maniculae
Appendix IV Overview of Marulus' Drawings of the Eucharistic Symbol
(chalice and host) and the Word Eucharistia
Appendix V Overview of Marulus' Entries of Signifi cant Theological Terms
Table of Contents


Franz Posset is an internationally known scholar of Reformation theology and history, and a regular contributor to Colloquia Maruliana.
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