Ace Your Midterms & Finals: Introduction to Physics

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In this one-of-a-kind test preparation guide, you'll discover: 11 midterms and 11 final exams from colleges just like yours; real-world practice on real-life exams; a complete and concise review of your entire physics course; savvy advice from the teachers who teach the courses; plus effective methods for mastering physics.


Part I: Preparing Yourself. Introduction to Physics: What the Professors Look For. Keys to Successful Study. Secrets of Successful Test Taking. Thinking Like a Physicist: Keys to Understanding Physics. Part II: Study Guide. Introduction to Physics: The Major Topics. Motion and Newton's Laws of Motion. Principles of Momentum, Work, Energy, and Conservation. Rotational and Planetary Motion. Thermodynamics. Waves and Sound. Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism. Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Quantum Physics. Nuclear Physics. Relativity Theory. Part III: Midterms and Finals. University of California, Berkeley: Physics 8A: Introductory Physics: Mechanics, Waves, and Heat. Bowling Green State University: PHYS 201/202: College Physics. Brandeis University: Physics 10B: Introduction to the Life Sciences II. California State University, Fresno: Physics 4A: Mechanics and Wave Motion. Catholic University of America: Physics 101: Twentieth-Century Concepts of the Physical Universe. Doane College: Physics 107: Introductory Physics. Eastern Illinois University: PHY 1350: General Physics I. Georgia State University: Physics 1112K: Introductory Physics. University of Illinois: Physics 101: Introductory Physics. University of Oklahoma: Physics 2414: Introductory Physics (Non-Calculus). College of William and Mary: Physics 107: Physics for Life Scientists. Part IV: For Your Reference. A Glossary of Physics. Recommended Reading.


Alan Axelrod has a Ph.D. in English and is the author of numerous books including The Penguin Dictionary of American Folklore, The Macmillan Dictionary of Military Biography, Encyclopedia of the American West, and What Every American Should Know About American History. Previously, he served as publishing executive with the Henry Francis Winterthur Museum, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Abbeville Press, and Turner Publishing.
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