Against Autonomy: Global Dialectics of Cultural Exchange

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Januar 2002



This book investigates "cultural instruments," meaning normative forms of analysis and practice that are central to Western culture. It explores their history from antiquity to the early Enlightenment and their use and reworking by different cultures, moving from Europe to Africa and the Americas, especially the Caribbean, in the process giving close readings of a wide range of authors.


Timothy J. Reiss is Professor of Comparative Literature at New York University. He is the author, most recently, of "Knowledge, Discovery, and Imagination in Early Modern Europe: The Rise of Aesthetic Rationalism."


'This impressive piece of original research and analysis reframes numerous debates in literary studies (especially post-colonial and Third World literatures), presents alternative views on relationships among several literary areas, and serves as a vivid antidote to much humdrum or dogmatic work. It's a big book, and an important one, and for many it will be an essential one.' Haun Saussy, Stanford University
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