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August 2012



p>Antale (pronounced An-tal-ee) is an allegory. Written in the tradition of Animal Farm, though with no political message, it explores humanity's challenge at the start of the 21st century to find the collective spiritual enlightenment that has eluded us through the millennia of known history.Antale is the world of the ants. It is a delicate, precious place-a crater world surrounded by the vastness of the Rim, an endless expanse of desolate rock across which faint signals of intelligence reach in tantalizing, mysterious wavelengths, detectable by listeners on Mount Opportunity.Antale is not a peaceful world, though several leaders of its major colonies have dedicated their lives to creating a peaceful federation. These efforts fall apart when aggression and treachery spearheaded by the Red Ants plunge the whole world into a Great War. This conflict rages through most of the first year of the three year period covered by the story.In the second year, when wisdom should have grown out of experience, an uneasy tension envelops the collective consciousness. Technology and expansionism begin to push the ant civilization to its limits. A probe sent across the Rim looking for guidance from beyond the known world, is lost. The one dim light of hope lies in a bold attempt to raise a new generation filled with a new consciousness, born in the whisperings of the universal life force carried through the biology of the Queens in the great brood chambers of the nests.In Year 3, the world of Antale is pushed to the brink of collapse as social folly and natural order exact an unremitting toll. A message from beyond the Rim confirms that consciousness alone contains the life force of the future. This message arrives just in time to strengthen the fledgling spiritual renaissance that steps forward at the end into its rightful place, and allows the crumbling leadership of the old order to find new light.CommentaryIt might well be asked: Why write an allegory using the social systems of ants to illuminate the human condition? The answer is that it sheds a light with greater resolution, in much the same way as a halogen lamp provides clearer illumination than its incandescent counterpart. Judiciously used, the allegorical format gives greater freedom to the writer-and reader-to see and understand life at a deeper level than the analytical, deeper even than the traditional conventions of literary fiction permit. Why ants? Because their social behaviour so much parallels our own. One need take only a very little license to achieve a telling effect.Beyond its carefully measured message, Antale is a crackling good story, moving along swiftly through tension filled events created by the highs and lows of characters whose predispositions to greatness and folly are readily recognizable. In this one short text the remarkable events of the century just ended, and the great potential of the one now beginning, come alive in a way as fresh as only human imagination can make them.


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EAN: 9781412238304
Untertitel: An Allegory of a World Reborn. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Author Solutions Inc.
Erscheinungsdatum: August 2012
Format: epub eBook
Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
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