American History Teacher's Book of Lists

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This practical information source is packed with over 325 reproducible lists to help U.S. history and social studies teachers develop instructional material and plan lessons for students in grades 5-12. For quick access and easy use, the lists are organized into six parts, grouped by topic and sequenced chronologically within each section, and printed in a big lay-flat format that can be photocopied as many times as needed for individual or group instruction. Here's just an overview of part titles along with one sample list topic from each: I. Beginnings (Chronology of the 1600s and 1700s), II. Political History (Important Supreme Court Cases), III. Diplomacy and Military History (American Nobel Peace Prize Winners), IV. Economic History (Women in the Work Force), V. Social History (Major Events in the Civil Rights Movement), and VI. Intellectual and Cultural History (Best Sellers in the 1960s).


Fay R. Hansen (B.A., political science; M.S., American history, Florida State University; M.A., European history, Cornell University) is a former teacher and currently a writer and editor of books, articles, and research reports on political and economic trends as well as research analysis for state legislative reforms. Her most recent resource, Ready-to-Use Citizenship Activities for Grades 5-12, was published in 1998.
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