An Animal of the Sixth Day

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März 1996



Includes poems that help readers enter into a multifaceted and clarified knowledge of self, of others, of this widely inhabited and passionate earth.


Timshel Canopy Peris Grass The Fine Body Hairs of Earth Barely Husbanding Their Own Bodies Slow-Match Irises Medieval skies. Rectilinear stars If there is a Living In Is Harpist Valhalla At Poplar Pond "The Battle For Peace Has Begun Word Up Out of Time October-Struck Ode to joy Transmission Wave & Particle Natural Selection Pythagoras Hated V2 "Winter, Leper of the World" "Graphic America--the Shakers" Perfection Had Ten Names While In Its Body The First Elegy The Going Poem For Her A Night When Only Angels Interest Me Properly concentrated, the moon Stitch in Time I Like it when A Little Champagne Music Doggy Doggerel The Gift An Animal of the Sixth Day Translated Either As 'Experience' Or 'Suffering' Howard Psyche Speaking Reflecting What Light We Can't Absorb Keepsake in which she loves everything Maya Palos Verdes High School Between the angels Kuan Yin Absolute Location Among Our Great Ceremonies "The Beauty Of Nature Is The Silence Of God" The Problem Of Good Of-A-Shadow Dream Man
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Untertitel: 'Walt McDonald First-Book'. New. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: März 1996
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