20th-Century Composers: Anton von Webern

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Anton von Webern (1883 -- 1945) was born into the aristocratic, musical heritage of Vienna. An early passion for Renaissance vocal music haunts his compositions, but as a result of his studies with Schoenberg he became a disciple of the twelve-note technique which he used to create a sound characteristically his own. Tragically killed during the Allied occupation of Austria, he remains an influence on musicians of subsequent generations.


Prelude - beginnings (1883-1904); Schoenberg (1904-8); Unknown territory (1909-14); the singing heart; through the looking glass; the sunlight speaks; epilogue; list of works.


Malcolm Hayes is a music journalist and specialist on the music of Webern and Schoenberg. He has written extensively for The Times and Daily Telegraph.


'Provides a vital point of access to those seeking a deeper understanding or enjoyment of his music.' (Gramophone) 'As a series, Phaidon's 20th Century Composers has brought remarkable variety and a welter of information, both necessary and delightfully trivial. Intended both for the general reader and for the more enthusiatically musical...' (The Scotsman)
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