The Architecture of New York City: Histories and Views of Important Structures, Sites, and Symbols

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April 1994



Gives historical, artistic descriptions plus original photographs of more than 90 major structures, sites and symbols— from Indian coves and trails and Dutch canals to contemporary skyscrapers. Contains a comprehensive analysis of the major architectural styles that have helped create the New York City skyline.


Seventeenth Century: Dutch Beginnings. Eighteenth Century: Georgian Architecture and a Revolution. The Federal Style. Nineteenth Century: Greek Revival. Temples of Commerce and Houses of Industry. Churches: From Temple Fronts to Statue Columns. Cast-Iron Buildings, Their Legacy, and the Palazzo Style. The Tallest Building in the World, 1913-30: The Woolworth Building. Fashionable Dwellings. Theaters. The New York Port Comes of Age. Art Deco Skyscrapers. Rockefeller Center: Innovation in Urban Planning. Graves, Gardens, and Parks. The Picturesque Point of View: Fonthill Castle, Firehouses, and the Seventh Regiment Armory. "O Harp and Altar": The Brooklyn Bridge. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.


DONALD MARTIN REYNOLDS teaches art history at Columbia University. A frequent lecturer to corporations and civics groups, he is also the author of numerous books and articles on art and architecture. Dr. Reynolds is Founder/Director of The Monuments Conservancy, and in 1991 he established the Annual Symposium on Public Monuments, funded by the Samuel Dorsky Foundation.
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