The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History

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November 1993



Presents both a history of 'the other Baltimore' and a tour guidance to places in the city that are important to labor, African American, and women's history. Based on a popular local bus tour conducted by public historians, the People's History Tour of Baltimore, that began in 1982, this book records and adds sites to that tour.


Introduction: Toward a New History of Baltimore Acknowledgments 1. Camden Yards and the Strike of 1877 Sylvia Gillett 2. Evergreen House and the Garrett Family: A Railroad Fortune Elizabeth Fee 3. Hampden-Woodberry: Baltimore's Mill Villages Bill Harvey 4. Old West Baltimore: Segregation, African-American Culture, and the Struggle for Equality Karen Olson 5. The City that Tries to Suit Everybody: Baltimore's Clothing Industry Jo Ann E. Argersinger 6. East-Side Union Halls: Where Craft Workers Met, 1887-1917 Roderick Ryon 7. Fells Point: Community and Conflict in a Working-Class Neighborhood Linda Shopes 8. Radicalism on the Waterfront: Seamen in the 1930s Linda Zeidman and Eric Hallegren 9. Sparrows Point, Dundalk, Highlandtown, Old West Baltimore: Home of Gold Dust and the Union Card Linda Ziedman 10. Flight to the Suburbs: Suburbanization and Radical Change on Baltimore's West Side W. Edward Orser 11. A View from Federal Hill David Harvey Interviews with Former Slaves: Caroline Hammond and Richard Macks Interviews with Civil Rights Activists: Dr. John E.T. Camper and J. Broadus Mitchell Interviews with Community Activists: Dr. Beryl Warner Williams, Betty Hyatt, Barbara Mikulski, Lucille Gorham, Willa Bickham and Brendan Walsh Interviews with Labor and Political Activists: George Meyers, Robert Moore, Sirkka Tuomi Lee Holm, Dean Pappas and Ann Gordon Afterword Bibliography Photo Sources About the Contributors Index


Linda Shopes is Associate Historian at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.


"[The] authors infuse the city and its history with life... [Readers] will emerge with an uncommonly complete picture of the character of Baltimore and its people." --Nancy Brennan, Executive Director, Baltimore City Life Museums "The Baltimore Book tells the story of the real people of Baltimore--the true fabric of the city. These are the courageous individuals who fought for their right to work, and fought for their right to buy a home and live where they chose. Their goals and their struggle to achieve those goals is the real story of how a city grows." --Barbara A. Mikulski, United States Senator from Maryland "...'must' reading for anyone who wishes to develop a comprehensive view of the city's history in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries..." --Robert J. Brugger, Editor, Maryland Historical Magazine "The Baltimore Book provides a graphic, at times chilling, portrait of working and living conditions for generations of poor and working-class Baltimoreans." --The Baltimore Sun "A refreshing, user-friendly, populists' history, this new book chronicles the history of the city through the eyes and emotions of its working classes." --Baltimore Magazine
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