Ethical Problems of the North Cyprus News Media

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Juni 2011



Even though it is largely accepted within most of the media institutions that ethics and applying ethical principles are very important to maintain credibility of the media, providing quality publications and creating a well informed society, the everyday practices of media professionals prove the opposite. This study aims to investigate Northern Cyprus's printed media to understand which ethical principles are regularly disobeyed and what are the differences are between newspapers in applying ethical codes in their publications. Therefore, I have examined news articles and visuals to be able to understand how newspapers represent events from an ethical principle point of view. The social responsibility theory under the normative approach has been used as the theoretical framework of this study. In addition, a case study survey has been used as a method of qualitative content analysis. Four different newspapers have been examined as content of this thesis between 2007-2008 time period.


Graduated from Public Relation and Advertising program in EMU (2007). Master of Communication (Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), 2009) and Master of Secondary School Subject Teaching (EMU, 2010).Im currently working in EMU's Public Relations and Press Office.
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