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Mechanical Engineering is the application of knowledge for the advancement of human civilization. It covers the field of theory, analysis, design and practice (manufacture, operation and maintenance) of machines. As the continuation of Mechanics of Machines-I, this book has been written to meet the basic requirements of the subject Mechanics of Machines (Theory of Machines). This book embraces allthe basic concepts and problems pertaining to each chapter. This book has been divided into six major chapters dealing with six major devices of MechanicalEngineering. Each chapter deals with the importantideas and working principles of those majorcomponents or elements in a detailed and lucid manner. The salient features of this book are that all necessary theoretical information in concise form, illustrations and step by step problem solving approach in such a way that the reader of this book will grasp the subject matter easily. With the above mentioned features, the author is sure that this bookwill serve as self study reference.


The author, specialized in Engineering Design (Machine Design) has blended his wide experience of around 20 years in various levels.He is currently working as Head of the department of Mechanical Engineering, Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea. His major areas of interests are, Theory of Machines, Mechanical Vibrations & Machine design
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