Credit Administration

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INTRODUCTIONPoor credit administration has been the bane of theNigerian banking industry. Banks' failure in Nigeriais rooted in bad loans. The banks' whose licenseswere revoked in the past and the recently troubledbanks, all had reoccurring credit issues such as laxcredit administration, poor corporate governance,non-adherence to laid down credit policies and creditrisk management. ABSTRACTTherefore, the aim of this book is to address creditissues that can lead to crisis in the bankingindustry. A holistic approach of what credit entailswas adopted in the book. The book consist of fourchapters dealing with topics such as: Lending andcredit administration, Security for lending, Creditrisk management and the challenges of debt crisis.All the topics are academic research work carried outover the years. TARGET GROUPThe book will no doubt be invaluable asset toresearchers, bankers, regulatory authorities,financial analysts and the reading public. The bookwill also be useful to both undergraduate andpost-graduate students of Banking, BusinessAdministration, Finance, Accounting and Economics.


He is a Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Western Delta University. He holds a B.Sc degreewith honours in Accounting from University of Benin(Nigeria-1986) and M.Sc degree in Banking and Finance also from University of Benin (1997).His teachinginterests lie in Financial Accounting and Banking and Finance.
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