Nitrogen for cotton Production in middle Awash, Ethiopia

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Juni 2011



The primitive cultivated forms of species of Gossypion herbaceum (L), race acerifolium is found in Ethiopia. Cotton is widely grown in Ethiopia in irrigated low lands on large scale basis and in warmer mid altitude on small scale farms under rain fed conditions. The exact total area under cotton production is estimated to be 75,900 ha. Nitrogen contributes to yield responses through its effect on the growth and reproductive behavior of cotton plants. In cotton, a considerable portion of the plants assimilate can be partitioned to non reproductive plant part rather than to fruiting structures (lint and seed located in bolls). The application of too much nitrogen can result in the development of excessive vegetative growth at the expense of lint fiber production. Hence, a study was conducted by Tekalign Ayisse, a former M.Sc. student at Mekelle University under my supervision to investigate the response of cotton to N fertilizer rates under irrigated conditions in middle Awash of Ethiopia.


Fassil Kebede is by profession a soil scientist who has obtained his DSc from Ghent University in earth science and postdoctorate from Bangor University, North Wales, United Kingdom. Currently, he is an associate professor of soil science at Mekelle University in Ethiopia
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