Pauline House Churches

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After the apostolic age there was need for strategic plan to spread the gospel. Paul, with the assistance of other Christians, established house churches in various cities. House churches became basic units for the establishment of Christianity. This book exposes the development, nature and activities of house churches in Pauline Christianity. It further argues that Pauline house churches have a potential to speak to our time as they feature in AFM, one of the leading Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe. Though the setting of Pauline house churches seem to differ with what we find in AFM, they still play a crucial role of meeting the spiritual needs of the members. This book is recommended to students of religious studies and theology, pastors, lay persons and academics.


Elizabeth Machimbidzofa-Vengeyi, was born in Gutu, Zimbabwe. She is currently a PhD candidate at Bamberg University in Germany. Her research topic is on Bible and Women in African Initiated Churches. She did MA and BA Honours at the University of Zimbabwe.
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Untertitel: A basis of home groups in Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in Zimbabwe. Paperback.
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