Qualitative Methods in Psychology

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Qualitative Methods in Psychology: A Research Guide, the second edition, provides advanced undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students with an accessible introduction to qualitative methods. It combines a solid grounding in the theory behind research methods, as well as serving as a practical guide to conducting qualitative investigations and a critical assessment of these methods.


PrefacePart 1: Orientations
Action Research
Positionalities Part 2: Methodologies
The Repertory Grid and its Possibilities
Psychosocial Analysis
Narrative Inquiry
Historical Analyses Part 3: Representations
Future Directions for Qualitative Research
New and Emerging Forms of Representation
Writing Up
Problems in / of Qualitative ResearchIndex


Peter Banister is the Head of the Department of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, where he teaches qualitative methods, social psychology and forensic psychology.Co-authors
Geoff Bunn, Erica Burman, John Daniels, Paul Duckett, Dan Goodley, Rebecca Lawthom, Ian Parker, Katherine Runswick-Cole, Judith Sixsmith, Sophie Smailes, Carol Tindall and Pauline Whelan.
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