ABC of Colorectal Cancer

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November 2011



Colorectal cancer is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in which prevention, screening and early detection are vital. Beginning with the patient perspective and following the patient pathway, this new second edition covers epidemiology and prevention, screening programmes, decision support networks, the role of primary care, and supportive care for patients with colorectal cancer. The ABC of Colorectal Cancer provides the core knowledge on clinical genetics, diagnosis, imaging, therapy and surgery options and the latest evidence based guidelines for treating and managing colorectal cancer patients within the multidisciplinary team. Highly illustrated and accessible, it covers the full spectrum of the disease to provide the basis to make a real difference to clinical management. This is an invaluable practical guide for the non-specialist on all aspects of colorectal cancer, and is ideal for general practitioners, junior doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.


Contributors, vii
Preface, ix
1 The Patient Perspective 1
Kevin Bond
2 Epidemiology and Prevention 4
Peter Boyle, Patrick Mullie, Maria Paula Curado and David Zaridze
3 Pathways of Carcinogenesis 8
Michael Christie and Oliver Sieber
4 Clinical Genetics in the Management of Colon Cancer 13
Kai Ren Ong, Vicky Bowyer and Trevor Cole
5 Screening for Colorectal Cancer 19
Julietta Patnick and Wendy S. Atkin
6 Decision Support Networks 22
Matthew Kelly, Mark Austin and Sir Michael Brady
7 Pathology of Colorectal Cance, 26
Mohammad Ilyas
8 Imaging of Colorectal Cancer 31
Andrew Slater
9 The Role of Primary Care 36
Sue Wilson and Richard Hobbs
10 Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer 40
Andrew Weaver
11 Surgical Interventions 44
Shazad Ashraf and Neil Mortensen
12 Adjuvant Therapy 48
Zenia Saridaki-Zoras and David Kerr
13 Treatment of Advanced Disease 52
David Watkins and David Cunningham
14 Innovative Treatment for Colorectal Cancer 58
Joanne L. Brady and David Kerr
15 Supportive Care for Patients with Colorectal Cancer 63
Pauline McCulloch and Annie Young
16 Follow-up 69
John Primrose
Index 74


Annie Young, Professor of Nursing, Warwick Medical School, The University of Warwick, Coventry Richard Hobbs, Professor and Head of Primary Care Health Sciences, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford David Kerr, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Nuffield Dept of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences, University of Oxford


"The information in the ABC of Colorectal Cancer is very well presented and the coverage is more than a GP would need in clinical practice." ( Australian Family Physician , 4 April 2012)
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