Juvenile Delinquency in Pakistan

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Juli 2011



This research study focuses upon Causes of Juvenile Delinquency especially the Family Perspective, in Interior Sindh Pakistan. To understand the topic and its importance a vast literature was reviewed which enhanced the validity of subject matter. The primary data had been collected through interviews from juvenile delinquents of Juvenile Industrial School, Hyderabad.The juvenile delinquency had always remained a prime concern to social scientists and law enforcement agencies. There are many theories on causes of juvenile delinquency which elaborates different trends in juveniles. Studies have uncovered that the emotional maladjustment and unusual behavior often arise from a disorganized family institution. It was pointed out that the quality of a juvenile's family life is the most important factor for delinquent behavior.The family perspective remains the main factor in development of juveniles. If the family institution is strong, there will be very few chances that a juvenile will indulge into delinquent activities. To make this bond stronger, lot of serious efforts would be required to be put in by the parents and Government institutes.


I belong to Taxila(budho)Pakistan. I completed my early education from Wah Cantt, than LLB (hons) Shariah & Law from international Islamic University Islamabad and MSc Criminology from university of Sindh with silver meddle and got 1st position in my department. I am also member of Punjab Bar council and practicing as Advocate high Court.
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