Dimension and Graph Theoretic Aspects of Rings (Monograph)

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Juni 2011



Over the last 40 years, interest has arisen in the study of modern algebraic systems like: rings, modules over rings. The concept "Dimension" of a vector space, when generalized to modules becomes the concept "Goldie Dimension". This dimension concept was studied by several authors from different continents. This Goldie Dimension Theory is not suitable to develop dimension theory for rings with respect to "two sided ideals" in case of associative rings (but not commutative rings). A suitable concept "Finite Dimension" was introduced and studied in Ring Theory. This Monograph covers a vital study of several important concepts like: g-prime radical, Zero Square Dimension, Zero Square Fuzzy Ideal, Principal Ideal Graph of a Ring, Prime Graph of a Ring. The concepts Principal Ideal Graph and Prime Ideal Graph form two different new bridges between "Graph Theory" and the algebraic concept "Ring". Necessary examples were included. This Monograph is certainly attracts the interest of all algebraists, Ring Theorists, in particular. This Monograph is a more valuable addition not only to the institutional libraries, but also to each personal library of every algebraist of the world.


Prof. Dr Bhavanari Satyanarayana, 27 yrs Teaching Exper, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Authored 29 books, published 51 Research papers (Algebra/FuzzyAlgebra/GraphTheory) in International Journals. AP Scientist-2009 Awardee. Mr. Sk Mohiddin Shaw, 5yrs Teaching Expr, ANU PG CENTRE ONGOLE, Published 4RP, Research Student of Dr Bhavanari for his Ph.D.
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Untertitel: Prime Ideal, Finite Goldie Dimension, Zero Square Dimension, Zero Square Fuzzy Ideal, Principal Ideal Graph, Prime Graph of a Ring. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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