Financing School in Nepal

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Juni 2011



Over the last decade, public schools in developing countries have faced chronic shortage of funds, skills and expertise to offer the quality education to the children. Traditional source of funding is no longer adequate to finance public schools. There is plenty literature available on public private partnerships but little exists on models for state and non- state partnership. This book, therefore, provides three models (non-state financing to public school, state financing to non- state provision and a joint financing) for partnership arrangements. Qualitative methodology particularly grounded theory is used to build models. It seeks to interpret partnerships in various perspectives and developed relevant partnerships models for school level based on the socially constructed meanings. The book demonstrates the application of qualitative methods in financing education. It is useful to policy makers, program managers, educationists, community leaders and students for policy formulation, program development, research and study design in the field of school finance.


Prasai,Devi Prasad PhD: Studied Education Finance at Kathmandu University, Projects: Demand Side Financing Adviser: Oxford Policy Management,London(2010). Senior Health Economist: RTI International, NC, USA (2006-2010). Research Management Adviser: Option Consultancy,London (2005-2006).
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