Clinical Sport Psychology Perspective West and East Volume II

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Juni 2011



This book presents a new perspective on so far neglected important areas in clinical sport psychology and sport psychiatry. The authors use the results of an empirical qualitative and transcultural study, to evaluate post psychological traumata after "non functional over reaching", "over training syndrome" or "over racing syndrome" in sport. The results support the view of athlete, the symptoms are severe enough to constitute a clinical diagnosis, may suffer under depression from two medical psychological standard systems - in this case TCM - offer the same results as international standard systems - in this case DSM IV TR, and must not always indicate display tenacity under exhaustion could be a symbol of strong toughness in sport. The book speaks to professionals in sport sciences, sociology, psychology and medicine. It specifically is of relevance for coaches, athletes, sport managers, mental training counselors and to anyone who is interested in serious sport practice.


ZHU Li Jing (Former athlete; Rer.Nat. Dr.),is full professor in Zheng Zhou University and Visiting professor in Bei-Jing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University (UIC); Patent "BIOAT"; she graduated in Physical Education, psychology,psychotherapy at Bei-Jing Sport University, Peking University, Vienna University EU and LGMC USA.
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Untertitel: Clinical Psychology of "over training syndrome": An empirical qualitative and trans cultural study with competitive Chinese athletes. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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