African Woman in History and Today

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Ancient Africans believed that one of the reasons God made a woman after making man,was that he wanted to improve on his art.He wanted that art to reflect among other attributes,physical beauty, intelligence,tenderness,compassion,patience and tolerance.That God had tried but miserably failed this combination in man.All he had got were muscles, a bit of a brain and very little else.Forget about beauty!Africans also believe that God knew that man would be lost without a woman.That he would be incomplete hence would only be a half human.In modern times,the woman in Africa remains a powerful figure.She is the essence of being and existence.A man is not considered a man in Africa unless he has a woman behind him.A home without a woman is looked down upon and often the object of ridicule by society.The home is also shunned by people because it is considered unblessed hence cursed.Who in his right mind would want to visit a home not graced by presence of a woman?African would ask.A man who beats up his wife is considered by society to be weak in mind and utterly lacking in moral character.This book is good for colleges and University and it can be used as a tool of evangelisation today.


Kasomo Daniel is a Roman Catholic Archbishop and the Prelate of The Society of St Peter and Paul in Kenya.A Senior Lecturer in Maseno University.Former Dean of Students and Student Counsellor in Egerton University. Former Chairperson of Religious Studies Department in Catholic University.He has published widely on Pastoral Counselling and Religion
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