Cancer Treatment by Electromagnetic Radiators

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Juni 2011



At present,The treatment of tumors is a big issue by applying traditional methods and resources. Traditional approaches are either very expensive or inefficient or may be both. To cope up with the challenges in cancer treatment, every year millions of dollars are invested. sincere efforts are being made to innovate or improve the existing methods in oncology sector. in this book, treatment of cancer by electromagnetic radiations is introduced. this method not only gives extraordinary performance but is quite inexpensive. in this book a system of Ultra wide Band Antenna Array is designed with cost-efficient commercially available components.this system has the ability to achieve the focused beam at the exact tumor location by providing good level of SAR distribution inside muscle phantom to heat up the tumor. By using the designed system of microstrip patch antennas,it is now possible to treat small, medium and large sized tumors deeply seated inside head and neck of human body. Biomedical research institutions, cancer hospitals and the RF sectors, where beam focusing, less reflections and good SAR distribution is a requirement, can be benefited greatly by adopting this methodology.


Azeem Imtiaz, i have got master education in electronics engineering with focus on RF-Antenna/Microwave at University of Gävle Sweden. i have meliorated my knowledge by working extensively in association with professors and scientists.my research interests focus on Antennas/Microwave. present work is an application of antennas in oncology sector.
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