Initiation Into The Amazon

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Juni 2011



This study analyzes the Yuruparí myth and ritual of initiation the Yucuna Indians in the Amazon region of Colombia. The book will address the meaning of the Yuruparí myth and ritual to the Yucuna people. The sources for this study include data gathered through observation in the Yucuna initiation ritual, interviews, and the study of primary and secondary documentary sources. To address the problem I will present: 1) the geographical and cultural context of the Yucuna Indians in the Amazon in general, and in the Colombian region of the Amazon; 2) characteristics of Yucuna society and culture focused on forms of subsistence, social structure, and mythical system; 3) the Yuruparí myth; 4) and the Yuruparí rites of initiation.


Tadeusz Mich after studying philosophy and theology in Poland, moved to Colombia, South America. He did extensive anthropological field work on Yucuna mythology and cosmology. Based on his field work data, he completed Ph D program in Washington DC. Tadeusz Mich has published on Yucuna mythology and rituals in Anthropos.
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