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Kaolinite is both a blessing and a curse. As an important industrial mineral commodity, kaolinite clays are extensively used in the paper, ceramic, paint etc. In all these applications the wettability, aggregation, dispersion, flotation and thickening of kaolinite particles are affected by its crystal structure and surface properties. It is therefore the objective of this research to investigate selected physical and surface chemical properties of kaolinite, specifically the surface charge of kaolinite particles. A pool of advanced analytical techniques such as XRD, XRF, SEM, AFM, FTIR and ISS were utilized to investigate the morphological and surface chemistry features of kaolinite. Surface force measurements, electrophoresis and titration were conducted to understand the surface charge properties of silica face, alumina face and edge surfaces of kaolinite and their interactions. The improved knowledge of kaolinite surface chemistry from this research provides a foundation for the development of improved process strategies for both the use and disposal of clay particles such as kaolinite.


Dr. Gupta has 10 years of rich experience in mining and mineral industry, and published several articles in reputed journals and conferences. Dr. Gupta is specialized in surface chemistry of minerals, and their processing; solid-liquid separation; particle interactions; coal plant processing and optimization; and oil sand processing.
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