Homelessness: Issues and Insights

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Juni 2011



Homelessness is not confined to the world's poorest countries alone. It exists even in countries considered to be the wealthiest on the planet. Today, homelessness is a reality for many men, women and children of very different backgrounds. Studies on homelessness have helped to alter our conception of homelessness and our simplistic explanations of the problem; and experts have advanced as many explanations of homelessness as solutions for curbing its growth. However, there is no consensus as to the scope of the phenomenon, its causes and remedies, and the composition of the homeless population. Thus, not withstanding the range of studies on homelessness, many of us continue to be ignorant about the overall phenomenon and what can be done to overcome homelessness. This book provides issues and insights uncovered thus far, the controversies and gaps in knowledge that exist and ways forward for social work practitioners and researchers to combat the problem of homelessness.


He(a PhD student,MA in Educational Psychology)is a lecturer at Adama University, Ethiopia. His zeal is teaching and conducting research in education and in social work. Street children's resilience and participation in research is his area of interest where he can make a difference in the life of underprivileged group of people.
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