Phytosociology of upper River Siran Catchments

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Juni 2011



This book is focused on the vegetation of Upper river Siran Catchments.some suggesions have been given for the improvement of vegetation.A large number of information has been given in this book for new researcher regarding Phytosociology.this is an initiative towards the protection and conservation of vegetation.nowadays pollution is increasing rapidly in Pakistan due to different factors and our environment is going to be deteriorated. This book has been written to suggest the prevention of ruthless cutting of plants for timber and fuel purposes. .As for as fuel needs are concerned this book recommends alternative and fast growing species of plants so that our valuable plants are protected.


khalid Rasheed Khan M.sc (Botany) Peshawar University M.phil (Botany) Hazara University,Mansehra Lecturer in botany at GPGC. Mansehra cel no 03009118359 E-mail khalid_botnist@yahoo.com
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