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In this book , we consider the flow of fluids over bodies that are immersed in a fluid, called external flow, with emphasis on the resulting lift and drag forces. External flow is characterized by a freely growing boundary layer surrounded by an outer flow region that involves small velocity and temperature gradients.When a fluid moves over a solid body, it exerts pressure forces normal to the surface and shear forces parallel to the surface along the outer surface of the body. We are usually interested in the resultant of the pressure and shear forces acting on the body rather than the details of the distributions of these forces along the entire surface of the body. The component of the resultant pressure and shear forces that acts in the flow direction is called the drag force, and the component that acts normal to the flow direction is called the lift.


& Engineer Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Halim are : Mechanical Engineers Studying Power Mechanical Engineering At Faculty of engineering Alexandria University. Did a lots of training courses at many petroleum companies. Did a lots of seminars about Fluid Mechanics.
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