Influence of Family Characteristics on Educational Attainment

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Juni 2011



Education plays an imperative role in the life of an individual. The role of family remains vital in redirecting the education of an individual throughout his/her life. This book has attempted to find out to what extent the qualification, occupation and income level of parents and the number of children in the family contribute the learning performance of children at school. The analysis helps to shed light to the concerned individuals and policy makers that there is the need for programs to promote parental involvement in their children learning, school culture for interactive teaching learning practices and the programs that contribute to raise the family income.


Anila Jha (Mishra), M.Sc. (Botany) from Tribhuwan University and M.Phil in Education (Development Studies), Kathmandu University has been working as the independent consultant and trainer for several organizations in Nepal. Her interests include schooling and societal change.
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