A Study of the Application of Multiset to Membrane Computing

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Februar 2012



Simulating membrane computing in digital computers cannot be without the mathematical modelling of a membrane structure and its inherent inter- and intra-regional molecular interactions together with the rules governing such interactions. Before now there has not been a flexible representation of membrane structure. This thesis opens up a new dimension in the study of membrane computing by providing current synthesis of knowledge concerning the structure of membranes. The main aim of the thesis is to design a mathematical tool for representing a membrane structure, called a tree structure. It uses a suitable multiset permutation rather than a Venn diagram or a tree diagram for the representation in a one-to-one correspondence. Since a Venn diagram or a tree diagram representation of a membrane structure is not readily available to the computer at programming level, the use of tree structures can be exploited.


Chinedu M. Peter did his Bachelor's degree in the Department of Mathematics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. He later enrolled in the same Department for Masters in Mathematics. He is specialized in the theory of multiset and its application especially to membrane computing. He also has a keen interest in algegra.
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