Design of a Nuclear Propulsion System for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Juni 2011



Much of today's research in military assets is focused on remotely controlled designs and alternative energy. In this thesis, a modified design for a current UAV used by the military is discussed. Four distinct designs for propulsion systems are detailed to determine which is best suited to the RQ-4A Global Hawk for a one year flight time. There are examples of a UAV using each propulsion system so that the benefits can be compared. The nuclear propulsion system is shown to be superior to the other similar designs. Complete design details and CAD drawings of the new engine showcase how a nuclear propulsion system can be implemented. To complete the design details, a CFD model of the engine itself is completed to determine initial results of the thrust capabilities. When compared to the current gas turbine engine used in the Global Hawk, the results of the CFD model show that the nuclear propulsion system has a higher thrust-to-weight ratio. All aspects of using a nuclear propulsion system in a military aircraft are detailed to show benefits and consequences associated with using such a system.


Ron studied Aerospace Engineering and Physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute prior to completing his Masters of Science at Vanderbilt University. During his college career, he spent three summers at NASA. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA.
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Untertitel: A system to keep a military UAV airborne for over a year without landing. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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