Biosensing in Designed Proteins

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Juni 2011



Biosensing in Designed Proteins provides a basic molecular approach to design biosensors in genetically modified proteins using electron transfer (ET) chemistry. The material is primarily aimed at probing the mechanistic insights into nanobiosensor performance using a library of metal complexes. The distance dependence of ET based biosensor which used ZnS coated CdSe (CdSe@ZnS) quantum dots (QDs) coupled with RuII complex-modified MBP-MT function as a unimolecular nanobiosensor. The function of this protein-QD assembly is provided by ligand mediated protein motions that change the QD emission properties. This system operates using ET as opposed to energy transfer, with the metal complex as an electron donor, and the QD as an acceptor. The viability of the ET approach for biosensor development will also be outlined with respect to current mechanistic models.


Pahan I. Godakumbura received her PhD in Chemistry from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Dr. Godakumbura is working as a post-doctoral research associate at Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Illinois, Chicago and working on genetic, biochemical and biophysical studies of the signal transduction pathways in bacteria.
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Untertitel: Protein Mediated Biosensing Reaction with Quantum Dots Single Molecule Nanobiosensing Genetic Encoding of a Redox Cofactor into Designed Proteins. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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