GIS Mapping and Prediction of NO2 Using ANN Model in Rawalpindi City

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The book will serve as basic guideline for post-graduate students initiating their research work in newly emerging field of eco-informatics. The integration of GIS with eco-informatics will increase the visualization and analysis of the data collected and enhance the understanding.. The basic objective of this book is to bring together the two different approaches of GIS and eco-informatics together for analyzing and quantifying the results. It can be used as a reference book for PhD students in disciples such as Ecology, Forestry, Geography, Cartography, Soft-ware-engineering and other related disciplines.


Presently working as Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Environmental Sciences Department, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, since 2006, also designated as HEC approved Supervisor for PhD students by Higher Education Commission. I have published more than 30 research articles and win three research grants from HEC and PSF, Pakistan.
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