Development of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

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Penicillin resistance of the bacteria that cause meningitis and pneumonia is a growing global health problem. The incidence of resistance of these organisms to penicillin and some antimicrobial agents has been increasing worldwide. Diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, gonorrhea, malaria, stomach ulcer, and childhood ear infection are now more difficult to treat than they were just a few decades ago. The success of antimicrobial agents against disease-causing microbes is among modern medicine's great achievements. Inspired by previously reported superior resistance activity of antimicrobial peptides and penicillin derivatives to bacterial infection, it is of considerable interest to find, or develop, antibiotic with a new mechanism (s) of action which can potentially evade the emergence of resistance. This book, therefore, present a step by step approach towards the design, development, formulation and stability studies vis-à- vis some of these potential therapeutic agents or antibiotics.


. Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, LIU, Arnold's Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy's Health Sciences, NY, USA . Current Position: Lecturer, Editorial Board Member (International Journal of UDS) and Academic Board Member, University for Development Studies, Ghana
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