The Bone of Contention

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Juni 2011



In a society where more men are prone to control, limit, hinder, restrict, inhibit, prevent, suppress and dominate women than understand them. Every aspect of the man, woman relationship is in a declined state; being the sexes is at war. Women have had enough; and desire to find themselves, perhaps reject the natural man, woman relationship or even make the man suffer or pay for his lack of sensitivity. This book asserts that submission by a woman, to a man does not mean surrendering the use of her mind to an insecure man, it does mean consciously and willingly placing or allowing herself under the guidance and authority of a man. It is a check on the abuse of submission by men, and blind submission by women, as it wants women to realize the need to guard themselves with all diligence and never compromise their integrity. While in relating with women, every man should and must protect the woman from himself, lest in "trying" to "love" her, he ends up hurting her. Here is a book for you, all and a better communion for a stable society.


Jonathan O. Edeh; Is a Gender writer & Social Entrepreneur. Also Founder & National Co-ordinator of Likesofher, a gender based organization in Nigeria that works toward helping women to build images that command respect, not demand it.
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