Sexual Practices and HIV/AIDS Prevention among Adolescents in Mbarara

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Juni 2011



HIV/AIDS is a global disease burden with about 2 million people dying of AIDS, 33.4 million living with HIV and 2.7 million people newly infected with the virus by 2008 according to 2009 UNAIDS report. Current literature show that young people are heavily affected by this disease burden. Recent efforts are pushing for preventive behavioral measures to reduce on new incidences of HIV/AIDS cases in the world and Africa in particular. This book tries to address some of the behaviors that expose young people to HIV/AIDS and also pose ways on how these behaviors can be changed to ensure that they are able to live healthier lives amidst the current AIDS scourge.


Birungi Ruth is a behavioral social researcher with internet solutions for kids and Mbarara university of science and technology. She has published in areas of HIV, sex coercion,intimate partner violence and internet based research.
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