Women Formal Employment In Rwanda

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Juni 2011



To achieve national sustainable development, it is of utmost importance to involve women in the development process to boost up economic development and improve social wellbeing. One of the means to achieving this, include promotion of women employment. Current researches have revealed a deep gendered gap in formal employment all around the world and also in Rwanda in a particular way. This book which based on a research study conducted in Rwanda reveals the factors that affect women access to formal employment. Those factors include the socio-demographic, economic, accessibility to media and decision making. Statistical analysis allowed determining the relationship between the variables. Knowledge of the factors and the nature of relationship helped to identify areas where efforts need to be centered to empower both men and women have equal access to all employment opportunities, thus contributing equally to national development. This book is useful to the ministry of gender and family promotion and its partners, ministry of education, National information office, government entities, development agencies and NGOs.


Master of Arts in Development Studies from Bugema University, B Education from National University of Rwanda. He is experienced at teaching at tertiary level and providing consultancy services as a local consultant. He is currently a Lecturer at Kigali Institute of Lay Adventists (INILAK) in Kigali/Rwanda.
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Untertitel: Factors Affecting Women Access to Formal Employment in Kamonyi Distrcit, Rwanda. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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