Ingredient Branding and Pricing

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Juni 2011



Saturated markets, decreasing margins and globalization emboss the actual economic climate. Derived from this initial situation, this book aims to demonstrate the power of impact of branding and pricing to master these challenges. This happens by answering the following question: "How is it possible to enhance customer value in the Business-to-Business sector using ingredient branding, despite the proportionally higher prices?" First, the author explains and defines the Business-to-Business sector. Subsequently, he focuses on international brand management, brand positioning, ingredient branding and pricing. Finally, the author explains the concept of customer value to answer the initial question by means of a notional example.


Christoph Neuhold studied International Marketing (BA) in Graz, Austria and at the moment he is studying Marketing Management (MSc) in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. He already gained marketing experience in different branches in Austria, Belgium and the Philippines.
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