Credit Risk, Macroeconomic and Bank Specific Factors

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Juni 2011



For all countries especially developing countries, banking system is the main component of the financial system.Hence, researchers and regulation authorities have focused on a banking system as a main cause or preventing factor responsible for financial and economic crises. This study presents comprehensive analysis of overall risk level, market risk and how selected variables affect credit risk in the Jordanian banks. This study provides a new theoretical background to understand how an overall level of banks risk and market risk has changed during 1995-2008. It also identifies the variables affecting credit risk in the Jordanian banks.The outcome of this study would increase the understanding and awareness of banks' management about the adverse effect of credit risk on their profit. Further, it helps the managers to minimize the credit risk level and improve their appropriate lending policies by taking in their consideration the significant variables that are identified by this study. In addition, the results of this study help supervising authorities to ensure that adequate policies and procedures are in place at various banks to minimize risks as far as possible.


Mohammad Oqlah Al-Smadi(PhD) College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. e-mail:msmadi82@hotmail.com
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