Role of Parliament in Peacebuilding

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Juni 2011



The changed nature of conflict and the great challenge of reconstructing violence-ridden societies require a fresh perspective and knowledge on the methods of managing conflicts and building peace. The complex, multidimensional nature of peacebuilding further calls for a re-assessment of the roles played by different actors involved in the process. The re-assessment of roles will facilitate establishment of mechanisms which can be utilized to enhance the role of each actor. In this book, Patrick Maluki and Jane Ndiritu examine the unique position that parliaments hold and the central role they are expected to play a in peacebuilding.They use the Kenyan Parliament as a case study to argue that Parliaments have potential to contribute significantly towards effective peacebuilding.


Patrick Maluki studied Education at Moi university and International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (India). Patrick Maluki is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies University of Nairobi. Previously Patrick worked with the directorate of political affairs ministry of Foreign Affairs-Kenya.
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