Public Perception of Marriage and Family Therapy

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Juni 2011



What professional would you seek treatment from for depression? What about substance abuse? The mental health profession has long suffered identity problems in the eyes of their consumers. In an attempt to gauge the general public's perception of marriage and family therapy, the author created a survey that was reviewed by an expert judge panel using surveymonkey.com. The survey was posted on classified sites and emailed to students advertising an incentive for participation. A total of 499 participated by taking the survey. Their responses were then analyzed using independent sample t-tests. This book reviews and discusses these results as well as reviews the current literature concerning public perception.


Jason Austin graduated with a M.A. in marriage and familytherapy (MFT) from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and iscurrently a doctoral student of MFT in the Department of Human Development at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His main research interest is marketing and MFT. He can be reached at jasonpaulaustin@gmail.com.
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